Skin Facts You Might Not Know.

A few snippets of information we are regularly asked in the Clinic.

Dead Sea Salt is blessed with at least 21 different minerals. It is extremely high in the magical mineral, magnesium, the king of all nutrients and our anti-stress mineral. One of the best ways to get minerals into our system is through our skin, and it has been proven that taking baths with dead sea salts will elevate minerals in our system. Minerals applied topically to our skin creates an osmotic pump. Unlike Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts are 100% pure sea salt, naturally dehydrated in the desert sun. Do not remove the salt after your bath, dry your skin and then apply generously a dead sea salt body cream such as the AHAVA Dermud. Enjoying a Dead Sea Salt bath inspires wellness and self-care along with easing muscle aches, calming the mind and eliminating pathogens all in one sitting

White bumps appearing on our skin may be milia or whiteheads. These often appear around the hairline, forehead, and nose in adults, teenagers, young children, males and females. There can be a few causes of milia ranging from an overproduction of oil or sebum to face and hair product ingredients.

When undergoing treatment to remove or improve milia:

  1. Follow a well-balanced diet with lots of water and eat the rainbow (all colours of fruit and vegetables). Reduce sugar and all refined carbohydrates and include good fats.

  2. Change bed linen each week and pillowcases every other day

  3. Do not wear hats where possible, as they will trap oil, dirt, sweat and coconut-based ingredients

  4. Check product ingredient index lists found on the back of products and reduce coconut-based ingredients, waxes and silicones as much as possible

  5. Clean makeup sponges and brushes.

  6. Do not pick, as a milia cannot be squeezed out. The end result can be infection, scarring and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

  7. Cleanse and tone (using gauze squares morning and night) using pH balanced products so the skin is not stripped of natural oils which act as a protective medium to help stop bacteria from entering the skin. When using a treatment product they usually contain plant extracts and a combination of mandelic, salicylic or glycolic acids. Just as you clean your teeth morning and night, do the same for your facial skin with appropriate home care products that are specific to your skin concerns

  8. One of the easiest methods of treating milia is with a treatment in a professional clinic using diathermy (a treatment using a fine needle and a high-frequency electric current). Often only 1 treatment is required, dehydrating the milia, and within a week they have dissolved, leaving the skin clean and bump-free. Remember this is treating the condition but is not preventing new milia from forming.

  9. If the milia are large it may be professionally lanced and extracted by a qualified aesthetician

If you are not sure if your white bumps are milia check with your doctor, dermatologist or professional aesthetician/ dermal therapist.

Tinted Sunscreens are ideal for everybody's regular skincare regimen. It has been proven by scientific findings that sunscreens, which normally contain iron oxides, provide much more protection compared to regular sunscreen. It is true that we need to discuss sunscreens even in winter.

Sunscreens need to be considered as part of your daily skincare regimen to prevent sun damage, instead of as an extra step taken to prevent sunburn during outdoor occasions. This is especially relevant for Australia since the sun is so damaging, and therefore sunscreen needs to be worn year-round on any exposed areas. Especially on the face to prevent the risk of melanomas and skin cancers, chronic skin inflammation, and premature aging.

Tinted Sunscreen provides optimum protection as well as a number of important skincare benefits including antioxidant protection, soothing, and hydrating.

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