Is your Skin Tired & Lucklustre? Are you suffering from Maskme?

Each year Christmas is on the same date and we are always surprised that it is here again so quickly. What a year we have been challenged with, and our skin has stood by us through the good and the bad. With consistent mask-wearing and/or extra stress, our skin is showing what is happening on both the inside and outside. With family and friends time just around the corner, I have a few tips that will help make your skin glow for this special time of the year.

As a specialist skin clinic, we are seeing skin problems that have surfaced with the wearing of masks during this time to keep us safe.

Lower face rashes, irritation, dryness and mask acne - aka maskne – have people hiding behind their masks even more in order to conceal their distress regarding their facial skin. Quite often between incorrect skincare and makeup, poor cleansing routines, moisture being trapped by the mask along with exhaled carbon dioxide and allergens causing skin irritation. In most cases the answer is simple and may include changing your routine with a pH balanced cleanser, toning with gauze and toning lotion, applying mandelic serum and another that will soothe and hydrate the skin. Keep makeup to a minimum and change masks as often as possible to ensure they are clean and not harbouring bacteria.

During the summer months with extra heat and sun exposure, the skin tends to be more sensitive. As a general rule, the skin in summer requires more antioxidants, peptides and hydrating serums, and not the heavier treatment creams that protect during the winter. With increased UV exposure the skin is more susceptible to free radical exposure and this is where antioxidant serums can become powerful allies for healthy skin.

So many factors can affect the skin during periods of stress and hot summer days, such as lack of sleep, change of diet which might include excess sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, water quality or quantity, and skipping the morning and evening skincare ritual. Stop, take a breath and review your lifestyle and homecare routine and see where positive changes can be made.

Exfoliation is one of the main keys to skin rejuvenation and the glow of health for your skin. Over exfoliation, however, is one of the worst nightmares the skin will negotiate. When we think our skin feels thick, congested and appears lacklustre, we just want to scrub it all away, this can lead us to compromise the protective barrier of the skin and create more problems with skin irritation, redness, infection and itchiness. I believe the use of gauze and a good pH balanced toning lotion morning and evening for most skins will be a major key to glowing, healthy skin which is then ready to accept the serums and protective treatment creams we apply. By implementing this step the serums and creams you use will then be more effective and provide you with their value for money as they then stand a chance to work the way they are meant to work.

Your skin priorities, I believe are:

1. Lifestyle (food and water quality/quantity, sleep, exercise, medication)

2. A good and regular homecare routine.

3. In-clinic treatments. Without having number 1 and 2 in good shape, you will never get the full benefits of the money and time you spend in a Clinic with professional treatments. A few of the relaxing and no downtime treatments that can assist with bringing your skin back to its rejuvenated self are JetPeel, Oxygen Infusion and Microdermabrasion with hydrating mask treatments.

Skin Inspiration is always happy to assist with revamping homecare systems which help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion. Frontline workers with maskne can receive digital reviews and complimentary advice during December – email 3 photos – front on and each side of your face with your concerns to

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