Get Skin Fit This Spring

After months of cold, spring is finally here. Seasonal changes bring a different temperature, wind, UV exposure and humidity, all of which affect our largest organ, our skin, which needs to respond accordingly. Spring is an inspirational time for our skin to begin its adjustment from cooler winter weather and prepare for the hot summer days which are just around the corner. It is the perfect time to renew, rejuvenate and to get our glow on, but we need to assist our skin with this process.

Hibernating and covering up during winter has come to an end. Exfoliation for our facial and body skin is one of the first steps towards skin fitness for spring. If you can imagine the skin with a layer of plastic wrap covering it, nothing goes in or out efficiently. The surface dryness needs to be gently exfoliated, allowing lighter, hydrating serums and creams to penetrate effectively. Our facial skin responds well to using gauze squares and toning lotion morning and night. This technique when used correctly will slough off the last traces of cleanser, makeup and dry skin. When using any type of exfoliant, make sure it has gentle jojoba beads so the skin is polished and not scratched, revealing a healthy, radiant skin and not a traumatized, red surface.

Dry body brushing, for the body skin, is one of the most simple and useful practices that can be achieved at home daily before showering. This simple treatment provides a vast array of benefits that assist with the skin’s natural detoxification process. Dry brush exfoliation stimulates lymph and blood flow while eliminating the dry dead skin cells to help reinforce your immune system and improve the skin’s ability to remove toxins. Also, dry body exfoliation can diminish cellulite by helping to break up the toxic deposits held within fatty tissue, stimulate the oil glands providing the important oils to keep the skin healthy and finally, stimulate the creation of new cells to help in an overall tightening and regeneration of the skin.

Transitioning from winter to spring, our moisturiser and serums need to be switched to something a little lighter. During the cooler months, our skin will be needing heavier oils and treatment creams, while at the start of spring we need to look towards hyaluronic acid formulations which are lighter, less congesting and more easily absorbed. Other active ingredients that are complementary to our skin in spring will contain Vitamin C, growth factors, peptides, essential fatty acids, and a cocktail of multivitamins.

A few other simple tips for skin fitness during spring might include

1. Falling in love with a tinted sunscreen which will protect, hydrate and give the skin a gentle glow.

2. Treating yourself to a JetPeel or Microdermabrasion Clinical treatment to give a thorough exfoliation and hydration experience

3. Spring clean both your makeup and skincare cabinets. Clean brushes and sponges every week and either dry with a hairdryer or sit on a window ledge in the sun to dry. Check expiry dates, and anything that has not been used for 6 months discard. Old products can host a build-up of bacteria, leading to clogged pores and dull skin.

4. With warmer weather change your diet to include lighter fruit and vegetables and an increase in water consumption

5. Warmer weather also means an increase in oil flow for our hair and skin, so changing your pillowcase at least every other day is advantageous.

Anyone can have beautiful skin. It is not just about your DNA, it is about your skincare routine morning and evening and being diligent with this. Spring is the perfect time to be skin fit, being healthy on the inside and outside, changing our thinking to envelop the positive side of life and choosing to be the best version of ourselves.

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