The Great Indoors

The last month has certainly been a change to our everyday lives none of us had planned for. I for one assumed things may change, but probably not to the extent they have now. So many of my clients are reaching out asking for assistance to upscale their home care skin regime. Most of us have a little more isolation time, and we are focusing on who and what is important to us and skin has certainly been one of those high on the priority list. This month I will focus on some extra home care tips to add and those to avoid for healthy skin.

Hand washing has never been more important than now. The first thing to consider is a hand wash that will not strip the natural oils from the skin. If this happens the skin is open to irritation, dryness, itchiness and bacteria entering creating an infection. Two hand washes we recommend are the Naturally European Verbena or Milk and the AHAVA Hand and Body Wash. Both ranges are pH balanced, and will not strip the natural oils but will effectively clean the skin. Once dried, your hands need to be nourished with either AHAVA Dermud Cream, or if there is an open wound the ASAP Silver Hand Cream will both protect and treat an infection with the silver which is considered to be one of nature’s strongest natural antibiotics.

So many of us are wearing face masks for extra protection. We have all seen photos of our health care workers, first responders and those most at risk, with face rashes, bruising and skin irritations, due to prolonged mask usage. At Skin Inspiration, we have coined the term Skin Rehab for these conditions, where the skin needs to be soothed, calmed and nourished. Our first go to rehab products come from the Rhonda Allison range and include the Arnica Therapy, Calming Skin Gel and Post Balm Ointment.

Being in isolation so many of us are sitting in front of our computer screens far more than we normally would. This means we are exposing our skin to blue light. The highest source of blue light comes from the sun, and being indoors with our screens will also be creating free radicals which will lead to damage to our DNA. This, in turn, will create inflammation, speeding up the breakdown of collagen and elastin. A good proactive cocktail of serums will include a C Peptide, MVC, Growth Factor and Sea Gems morning and night with Pevonia Collagen or Elastin Cream as the final layering.

To boost the radiance of the skin we can perform Skin Needling with a serum cocktail of Growth Factor, Hyaluronic, Vitamin C Stem Cell and Vitamin A every other day. For that extra WOW follow this with a BIO Cellulose Face Mask and infuse the naturally hydrating and soothing ingredients of the mask with a Galvanic Infuser. This will infuse all of the water-based ingredients far more efficiently than if the mask is left sitting on the skin. The BIO Cellulose Mask can be used once a week, while the Galvanic Infuser can be used each day to infuse your serums, providing a healthy, radiant reflection when you look in your mirror. Even when you return to your Clinic for your regular treatments these home care extras will boost any professional treatment you have, giving longer-lasting results.

With more time on the internet don’t believe everything you read. With a myriad of products out there, they are being touted to remove pimples, wrinkles, bunions, boils, cellulite, fat and grey hair, all in one use. Most Clinics are providing either online or phone consultations where you can check what you should be using in a time of stress, where your skin may be exhibiting unusual outward signs that you have not seen before.

Please be assured we are there to assist and provide support, so reach out over the phone or online. Aestheticians are professionals with greater knowledge and professionalism than you will find online, they are ready to provide valid, helpful information. With the big change we are experiencing today, pressure can create diamonds if we are open to the possibilities.

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