Is Your Skincare Working for You?

New research has just emerged to suggest that women aren't happy with their skincare. The findings demonstrate the need for a professional diagnosis of your skin which can be supported by cosmeceutical grade skincare for use at home.

The independent survey was released by nutraceuticals company Entity Health, which revealed most Australian women feel their skincare products don't give the full results they claimed. The study surveyed a group of 1010 women and was designed to understand how they thought about the effectiveness of their skincare products for different skin concerns.

83% said that the products claimed better results than the ones they experienced. 34% admitted their skincare improved their skin's quality. However, this leaves almost two-thirds saying skin conditions, including dryness, dullness, pigmentation or rosacea, were not improved.

With meaningful advances having been made in the skincare industry, women can consider options beyond topical therapies.

Inside-out methods, such as natural supplementation, are becoming increasingly accepted and taken up as an alternative method of addressing particular concerns such as skin spots, skin dullness and pigmentation.

The research also highlighted specific areas of concerns for different age groups, providing useful but surprising insight. 22% of under thirties and just 16% of over sixties wanted to treat dullness. 17% of under thirties were hoping for a reduction in pigmentation and 24% of those in their thirties hoping for the same, compared with only 10% of those in their fifties and over sixties respectively.

The response from this new research further highlights the absolute need for quality skin advice, thorough consultation, and accurate diagnosis that is easily understood, and above all, a clear differentiation between consumer versus professional-grade skincare. Clients and patients require education that will cut through the marketing hype, buzzwords and trends of consumer/supermarket products, which of course, as the research demonstrates, never live up to their claims. If you have suffered poor results at the hands of ineffective skincare, you are not alone. Great skin is a journey, not a quick fix, and just because an ingredient is trendy doesn't mean it will work for you. Results are achievable with the correct products, or components, a sound understanding of their use and in some instances, in combination with clinical treatments.

In my professional opinion, with 35 years of experience in the aesthetic industry, clinical grade skincare products incorporate active compounds and intelligent ingredients in higher percentages that are not commonly seen in department stores and supermarkets. Ingredients like peptides, plant-based stem cells, growth factors, sophisticated antioxidants, Vitamin A's and many more will assist in increasing collagen and elastin synthesis, reducing fine dehydration lines, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, rough texture and help protect the skin from damaging environments.

Recommending a simple yet synergistic regimen will also help provide the results you are looking for. An active cleanser, an enzyme-based toning lotion, antioxidant-rich serum, rejuvenating nightly serum with alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin A, nourishing refined oil and physical-based sun protectant will not only support skin moving forward but will also help repair or improve existing damage.

As the findings suggested, great skin is a journey and damage will not be repaired overnight or with a single-use. When you think about how long it has taken to create the skin damage you have incurred, it will usually take longer than a minute to repair or improve this damage. When you purchase a product, you need to ensure the product is being used as prescribed and not left in the bedside drawer or bathroom vanity. Skincare needs to be supported with a healthy lifestyle internally and externally, and your desired results can be fast-tracked with professional in-clinic treatments. Begin your journey with professional skincare that has been prescribed for you and you will be on your way to attaining your skin goals.

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