Colour, Tone, Texture and Plastic Surgery

Radiant skin signifies youth, good health, and vitality and assists us in facing the world with more confidence. It is, therefore, no surprise that across all cultures and regions, mankind is in constant search for ways to improve our appearance. Today both men and women are visiting plastic surgeons in their quest to achieve their desired appearance. To achieve optimal results with surgery, it is always best to treat the colour, tone and texture of the skin before surgery.

Plastic surgery patients are often stigmatised as wanting to look like their favourite Hollywood/pop/sporting idol. The demand for plastic surgery today is accentuated by a real phenomenon known as Instagram Dysmorphia. With the help of image editing software, we can make ourselves look taller, more slender, less wrinkled or more muscular. This creates unrealistic expectations and can lead to a nightmare for plastic surgeons and aestheticians. Not everyone wants to look like someone else, but instead wanting to be the best version of who they already are. Plastic surgery performed by a certified plastic surgeon is a fantastic tool to assist with accentuating, reshaping or sculpting areas of the face and body that may need tweaking to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Even after having performed your hours of homework in finding the most skilled plastic surgeon for your requirements surgery is not able to treat the colour, tone and texture of the skin. By treating these elements at least 2-3 months prior to surgery, the icing is applied to the cake so to speak. To improve the brown and red discolouration appearing on the skin, IPL is still the gold standard to diminish these blemishes. Chemical and herbal peels can reduce both the hyperpigmentation and the coarse texture of the skin prior to surgery. Utilising Nano Fractional skin resurfacing, skin needling or fractional laser will retexturize the coarse appearance of the skin. This includes acne scars, enlarged pores and fine sun damage wrinkles. Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency will enhance collagen and elastin production to show a firming of the skin and stimulate the circulation to assist with a speedy recovery of your procedure. Ensuring your body and skin health is at its optimum pre-surgery is of great assistance to a good outcome. This may consist of an exercise programme, hydration of the body and skin internally (through water and good diet) and externally (through in-clinic oxygen treatments and the use of topicals such as organic stem cells, multivitamins and growth factor serums). If you do not want friends to realise you have had surgery, other tips to consider prior may include a change of lipstick colour, hair style and colour.

Post surgery tips to stimulate the healing may consist of reduced alcohol and coffee consumption, no picking, scratching or peeling the scar tissue site, use a silicon gel to reduce scar tissue, and wash makeup brushes and sponges every day to reduce the risk of infection. It is advisable to purchase at least 2-3 of each so hygienic rotation is possible. Following homecare post procedures for both surgery and clinical treatments is as important as the procedure itself. By thinking you know better than the surgeon or aesthetician is putting your surgery and result at grave risk. Some important tools to assist with healing are the use of lymphatic drainage pressotherapy and manual massage, along with a light therapy system known as BIOPTRON. This light therapy system from Switzerland heals wounds up to twice as fast as the body would on its own. Pain is reduced, along with discomfort and scar tissue.

There are many modalities available to us today to assist with the possibility of revealing the best version of ourselves. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as a swipe across a screen to change our appearance. With careful research, planning, realistic expectations and combining techniques and qualified plastic surgeons and aestheticians, your desired goals can be achieved.

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