Focus on Flawless, Conquer with Clarity, Inside and Out for 2019

As humans, we are complex creatures, and there is never a straightforward answer for our skin and body concerns. When we work with what I call the health jigsaw puzzle, putting all of the pieces (mental, emotional and physical) together our outcome is more holistic, positive and sustainable. This is a great way to start 2019, working on being the best version of YOU that you can be. Upon waking start your day with positive thinking. Think of one or more things that are positive for your day rather than thinking you are tired or thinking about your checklist for the day. After cleansing your skin with the appropriate cleanser, the use of a toning lotion is a real game-changer for your sk

Stop Tanning your Hide

Starting 2019 in Australia with the great Aussie sun and outdoor lifestyle can long term be the downfall of our skin health and appearance. The impact of the sun can be both immediate, with sun burn, dryness and itching, and long-term years later with the signs of skin cancer, brown spots, red discolouration, dryness and wrinkles. To help protect the epidermis from Ultra Violet harm the skin is continually producing melanocytes. However, as we age the skin loses lots of its natural resources it needs for repair and protection During the summer period the skin is in a constant state of protection, which drains these natural resources. Therefore, it becomes even more imperative to help repleni

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