Ensure your space is clear of any energy, other than yours, to

Clear, Align and Grow.

Kyla’s elemental passions arose from a deep connection with nature from the time she could walk in the National Parks of Terrey Hills with her beloved grandmother. Kyla holds cherished memories of drinking Waratah nectar with her as they explored and learned from the land, a tradition that continues today with her own grandsons. Kyla’s passion became her purpose and room2flower emerged.

Today when she is not wandering in the bush, you will find her consulting to the wellness industry, helping people to feel better and heal, alongside business owners wanting to enhance their commercial success or with leading real estate agents clearing homes for sale.room2flower’s consultations, often combining essences and remedies are profoundly transforming, empowering you to discover an alternative way to Clear, Align and Grow. 

Find our more about Kyla's hand made crystal and flower infusions for purchase ; Clear Align Grow  

Let’s Chat
Complimentary 15 minute discovery session, exploring your curiosity, empowering you to create a sanctuary to Clear, Align and Grow.

Environmental Alignment (Land) From $250
Healing the earth and the land your home is on by transforming the earth grid lines that may have been distorted over time or holding a traumatic event. New activated earth energies allow us to expand our consciousness and raise the frequency of Mother Earth herself, and those who inhabit the land.

Environmental Alignment (Home and/or Workspace) From $250
An Environmental Alignment supports you or space by clearing stored energy (memories) in the walls, floor and ceiling, releasing it of its past. Your wellbeing and personal growth are also invigorated through the process, ushering in new goals, direction and outcomes from your crystal clear environment.

Interior Alignment From $250
Where intention goes, energy flows. Instinctive Feng Shui™ is a concept of how our living spaces, through their energy and design, create an effect on our lives.

Flower Essence Consultation (includes 30ml remedy) $150 (Mona Vale Rooms or via Zoom/Skype)
Australian Bush Flower Essences have 69 potent flower remedies to support you in your personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Flower Essences are low maintenance, high self-care remedies. A flower essence Consultation supports you towards your
inner knowing of what needs to be healed most. Kyla will gently guide you using her intuition and vast experience with Australian Bush Flower Essences.


Merkaba Healing (MER = Light KA = Spirit BA = Body) $180 includes 30ml remedy
Activate and heal your energy body using sacred geometric spiritual tools. Be grounded in your highest potential, fully present and balanced.


Nature Immersions  Individual From $110 Group Minimum 4, Maximum 8 From $30 per person
Is it time to disconnect from your phone, social media, the stress of life and work? Take time out of your daily grind, enter the pristine Australian bush to experience the peace and healing it offers. Kyla tailors your Nature Immersion helping you connect to your inner calm, to discover the answers and healing you seek.


Elemental Alchemist
Call 9979 8832

ELEMENTAL: of, relating to or resembling a great force of nature.

ALCHEMY: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

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