The perfect companion to your nutrition, exercise and dry body brushing programme.

Do you have dehydrated skin, localised fat, orange peel skin, cellulite, water retention, stagnant lymph, sore muscles or bad circulation?

Our Body Wrap Programmes may be performed as stand-alone treatments or as a synergy of Radio Frequency & PEMF - Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Fields, Pressure Therapy, Australian Wildflower Essences and an Italian cosmetic line rich in active ingredients to treat a range of skin and body imperfections. Our specific Body Wrap programmes treat fluid retention, cellulite and slimming for the legs, abdomen and arms.


Lymphatic Drainage is a vital component of our body balance treatments to assist with eliminating toxins, fat and water retention from the body all while enjoying a relaxing massage. Lymphatic Drainage is also the perfect solution to reduce the effects of fatigue or jet lag and ideal for post-flight pick me ups.

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