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Skin Maintenance

In life, challenges can be overcome and goals achieved with proper focus. The same is true for your skin care and maintenance.

We all age at different rates and in different ways. In most cases , it’s the same features- the eyes, cheeks, neck, skin and the area around the mouth- that fall victim to the signs of ageing and make the face look old. In some, when these facial features become aged, they can make the face look ten years older, if not more, than it really is.

Skin Inspiration Advanced Skin and Laser Clinic is your personal trainer for your skin maintenance requirements. Just as you have to do your sit ups at least three times a week to achieve and maintain a flat tummy we will prescribe both a clinical and homecare programme in order for you to achieve and maintain your desired radiant and healthy skin result goals.

Advanceda Skin Analysis- Visualize the Difference

Perfect, flawless skin is our ultimate goal. With the initial skin analysis it is carried out to determine the following

  • to evaluate which product to use
  • to decide which treatment or combination of treatments to use
  • to decide treatment protocol
  • to decide which homecare products to use for maintenance and improvement
  • to decide homecare protocol

By not establishing cause and effect of the skin condition, and only treating the symptoms with a bandaid situation this will undoubtedly be a reason for lack of success for the conditions presented.
Without establishing cause and relating it to the skin structure and function of the problem, the wrong treatment and homecare products will be prescribed and the skin will be unresponsive.

Skin analysis is all about problem solving and is a skill that is imperative to treating and resolving skin conditions. At Skin Inspiration we understand the function of the skin, the function of our products and the benefits of our treatments and equipment in order to provide optimum results for the correction of skin conditions. End result- healthy, radiant skin.

 FotoFinder complexion profile system is the first step to optimum complexion health and vitality. With FotoFinder it will provide your individual analysis of your skin and facial characteristics, and then allow a specific programme to be designed for the face and skin rejuvenation

By identifying the skin’s condition both topically and subsurface, the multi-spectral imaging and analysis provides a clear portrait of before and after treatments and skin care programmes.

The FotoFinder Mediscope will capture key areas affecting complexion health and appearance: wrinkles, pores, acne, colour variation in the skin tone- hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and vascular lesions (capillaries). Additionally FotoFinder will provide an informative comparison of your complexion compared to those of other men/ women of your same ethnicity and age.