Men’s Skin

There are some important differences between men’s and women’s skin and this will determine the treatment and the products used for both clinical treatments and home use.

The main differences in a man’s skin is that their skin is oilier, they have more facial hair, skin is more sensitive, is more acidic, is thicker and men have a higher rate of skin cancer.

As men’s skin age the skin becomes thinner and loses moisture. Wrinkles and fine lines become more apparent and the skin’s capacity to absorb diminishes. The specific areas of aging are deep set wrinkles on the forehead, pronounced lines on the side of the nose, slackened cheeks, a double chin and thickening of the neck.

The male hormone testosterone also affects the skin and the hair. Testosterone toughens hair and stimulates the oil (sebaceous) glands, it will increase the amount of collagen produced and stimulates the blood flow. Men have smaller sebaceous glands, but their skin has higher secretion levels of sebum, becoming more prone to acne and blemishes.

Men are able to have treatments such as Photorejuvenation for redness with capilliaries and brown marks called hyperpigmentation. This treatment is performed with the Alma Harmony IPL and is performed by a government and internationally accredited technician.

Hair removal may be performed by a qualified laser technician with the use of the Soprano Laser or with the use of hot or strip waxing. All areas of the body may be treated for hair removal, but the method will be determined after a thorough consultation to determine the result required.

Oily, acne skin can be treated with a programme of Photodynamic Therapy, and may be used in conjunction with microdermabrasion, peels and clinical homecare. Rhonda Allison and her new range for men, RAW, may be prescribed or BION which is another high quality cosmeceutical line.

For deep wrinkles and crows feet Skin Inspiration Advanced Skin and Laser Clinic also offers injectable treatments by a qualified doctor and nurse using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Shaving Tips: One of the most common skin issues for men is pseudofolliculitis, also known as ingrown hairs. This is a huge problem for men generally resulting from shaving, but is easily controlled with proper skin care and shaving techniques.

In order to achieve a close shave every time there are a few simple tips that must be followed every time:

  1. though electric shavers are quick and easy, they do not offer a shave that is as clean as a wet shave
  2. warm water prior to shaving softens skin, expands the pores and sets the stage for a more comfortable shave.
  3. shave using a glycerin based shaving gel applied with a badger hair brush
  4. shave in the same direction as the hair growth, this prevents ingrown hairs to a large extent. Short strokes are a better option than a long drag as they give a cleaner shave.
  5. old, blunt blades spoil a shave. Dispose of blades after 2-3 shaves
  6. apply RAW ReZone after shaving to prevent irritations, ingrown hairs, and raised bumps