Skin through the Ages

From the day we are born aging begins. The rate at which the skin ages is determined by two main components, the first is dependent upon chronology and genetics and the second component is based upon the environment, a very large factor that we often tend to overlook in our youth. Chronological ageing can be broken into five main groups, each showing the ever changing landscape of the skin.  » Read More

Summer Skin and Brown Spots

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Specials for January 2017


Body Detox Wrap and Facial Treatment only $199
Refresh and energize your body after the holiday celebrations with our Deluxe Treatment Including Face Microdermabrasian to buff and polish your skin, AHA Exfolation for even-toned skin appearance and Eyebrow Tidy. Followed by a Body Detox Wrap to draw the toxins from your body, ensuring you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.

Normally $300 now $199.  Make an Appointment. 


Fat Freezing 50% off special - 4 areas only $1300 Fat Freezing is the alternative to Liposuction. It is a non invasive, permanent fat reduction procedure. Clinical studies have shown treatments to be effective on between average of 20%-40% of the fat cells in the treatment area in just one session. Eliminating fat cells in specific areas to reduce bulges & provide a slimmer contour. One area for $425. Book 4 areas in one session for only $1300


Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers Now Available every Wednesday during January
Need a subtle lift? Our resident cosmetic medical professional, Antonia will provide you with an appropriate personalised treatment plan so that you look and feel your best using the best anti-wrinkle products available. Book now on 9979 8832. 

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Skin Changes for Summer

There are a number of skin issues that can challenge the appearance of the body skin. When it comes to the body, we all strive for a smooth tone and texture, and a youthful, firm appearance of the skin.  » Read More

Is your Pillow causing more Wrinkles?

The factors related to the cause of the signs of aging seem to be ever increasing in number and are coming from all directions. The latest to add to our wrinkle creating count are sleep wrinkles which are fine lines and deeper wrinkles that form overnight when the face is squished against the pillow. So much for relaxing at night!?  » Read More